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Only the very best of the fixed wing or multi-rotor models are sold and used for commercial use.


The SURVEYOR 630 Drone is the premium tool utilized for aerial surveying and inspection. With its significant payload and flight capabilities it allows you to attach almost any sensor in any weather. Versatile, tough and ready to work.


The SURVEYOR 300 is a smaller version of the premium 630 multi-rotor copter and one of the best drones on the market. Based upon the same design concepts, the 300 provides you with a smaller craft at a smaller price.

AgEagle RX60

The AgEagle RAPID drone system provides the agronomist and the farmer with up to date, real-time data of the health of the crops. A powerful complement to the expanding field of precision agriculture.


A one of a kind tool for thermal imagery and data processing camera drone . The ORION is equipped with on board processing of the highest quality thermal imagery available on the market.

  • Prairie Sky UAV
    LIDAR capabilities on one of the leading UAV crafts offered. The NEXUS 800 is the next step in evolution of integrating the UAV into the surveying industry.

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We sell only the best droan systems for your job. And we work with professionals to provide you with the service you need.
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We provide Western Canada with the best commercial grade drones. The ability to perform the flights with 100% confidence in the tool you are using is critical to your success. We spend enormous amounts of time trying to identify the crafts that provide the most value for your money so you don't have to search for drones for sale . In addition, we provide aerial imagery and data processing services together with our partners in central Alberta - agronomists, engineers, surveyors and videographers. We believe that the combination of offering these services on a small scale ensure that we are selling only the best solution that you may need for your market.


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Drone Applications

Discover the Possiblities of UAV Flight Systems
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Aerial Surveying

Volume Calculations – Used to accurately estimate the efficiency of machines and mining methods 3D Mapping – Provides data that can reduce costs and improve effectiveness of mining operations Construction Site Information – Aerial surveys for planning, pre-construction and construction phases
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Power Lines – Reveal important condition information Wind Turbine Blades – Identify damages or faulty blades that can reduce overall productivity Bridges – Perform initial visual assessments from all perspectives
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Precision Agriculture: Gather key information to enhance variable-rate application decisions Crop Management: Monitor and control crops during the season to maximize return
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Emergency Support

Search & Rescue – Safely and effectively search for victims of natural disasters and other emergency situations.
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Thermal Photography

Solar – Define anomalies and complete inspections during normal operations with no costly shutdown required Building – Deliver superior imaging quality to accurately evaluate your thermal situation
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Environmental Research

Water – Forestry. The calibration and operation of the instrument yields absolute surface temperatures while the system navigates in flight
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Solar Inspection

Uniquely suited for inspections of major installations requiring specified data for assessment and management decisions
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Commercial Structure Inspection

Capture data of large scale complexes that require exacting condition assessment
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Live Stock Inspection

Monitor and inspect live stock utilizing an aerial advantage and temperature readings of each pixel captured
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Advanced Applications

Environment/Scientific Research – capable of flying advanced sensors to aid in detailed analyze of a specified area.


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